Bridget Bodie-Healy (left) Creator of Noopii®. Photo credit to Greta Kenyon

Bridget has always had a strong will and a deep sense of doing what's right, she gets this from her Dad, it's built into her DNA. She created and founded New Zealand's first and most successful range of 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products in 2014, later selling to pursue her interests in sustainable consumable products. Bridget solves problems and has an unapologetic loathing for plastic and products that contribute to the widespread pollution of our environment.

Bridget met Charlotte through mutual friends, Charlotte was keen for a new challenge and had a strongly rooted desire to make a difference. Charlotte's background is in baby food and infant formula, and she founded one of the first organic baby food companies. In terms of pollution, one of the worst offenders are, of course, disposable nappies, taking more than 500 years to breakdown in landfill, a problem not easily solved or remedied. Bridget’s strengths involve creative thinking, product innovation, R&D, building beautiful brands and never giving up, ever. She has two wild teenage boys and an extremely patient husband.

Bridget knew she could find a way to create a product that was better than anything else on the market, not perfect but more sustainable than conventional products by a country mile. Noopii® is the first of its kind, a performance-driven premium sustainable product that is in service to the environment. We educate young children and their families about our environment and the special and unique flora and fauna of New Zealand. Noopii®, created by nature.

Bridget Bodie-Healy and Charlotte Rebbeck, creators of Noopii®. Photo credit to Greta Kenyon